For some, the anniversary of a loved one’s death is a difficult and emotional time. However, there are many ways to commemorate an anniversary, to make the day a little bit  more uplifting.

Here are 6 thoughtful ways you can mark the anniversary of a loved one’s death

Visit their resting place

One of the most common ways to mark the anniversary of a loved one’s passing away is to visit their final resting place. People often visit their loved one’s graveside and decorate it with flowers. A death anniversary might also be the only time some people visit their loved one’s grave, so they use the time to clean up the gravestone and tidy the graveside. You can take as long as you need when visiting your loved ones final resting place.

Visit their special place

If a loved one has had their ashes scattered instead of a burial, another popular way to commemorate the day is to visit where the ashes are scattered. Most of the time, the place where ashes have been scattered was a special place to the deceased. Visiting their special place with family and friends is not only comforting, but it can also be a joyful day out as it allows you to reminisce together.

Hold a memorial service

Many churches will allow you to dedicate a service to a loved one who has passed away. A memorial service is another great and thoughtful way to bring family and friends together to remember your loved one. Memorial services can be a particularly special way to mark an anniversary, especially if the deceased’s faith was an important part of their life. Services are an opportunity to say prayers and readings in memory of the deceased.

Light a candle

Marking the death of a loved one can be as simple as lighting a candle. Lighting a candle signifies that the memory of a loved one still lives on and burns bright. In different traditions and religions, lighting a candle is viewed as a sacred ritual. Moreover, it can be a peaceful and comforting method.

Take a break

Many people choose to take some time off work when the anniversary of the death of a loved one is approaching. This may not be to grieve as such, but instead to have no other distractions when remembering their loved one. Others may go on a trip to a special place of theirs and their loved one, or go on a break with family.

Write a poem

Writing a poem is a creative way to transfer emotions into an activity and commemorate a death anniversary. Writing can be a healing and calming way to deal with difficult thoughts and feelings. It allows you to express deep feelings. Poems can be kept private or you can share them with friends and family, or even leave it by your loved one’s graveside.